KF  MARINE  SERVICES  PVT  LTD is  established  in  the  year  2000. We are one of the reputed and leading maritime crewing agents in Sri Lanka.  As a crewing and manning agent, the company is engaged in recruiting well qualified, experienced, professional and  skilled  seafarers  to  international  vessels.  We  deploy  Sri  Lankan  Seafarers  and  Shipping Crews  for  foreign  based  companies.  We  help  ship  owners  to  find  real  professional,  personal with good reputation, capable of working on any type of vessels or according to requirements. We  recruit  highly  qualified, hard  working,  irrespective  of  any  circumstance  disciplined officers and  ratings  enjoy  the  challenges  of  currier  at  sea  and  thus  producing  high  quality  work.  We have closely work with to form policies, regulation and government agencies that them to form courage growth and regulate the industry.

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