Is the employment of seafarers and contributing to the economy and meeting the needs of Ship owners. We will adhere to a policy of maintaining the high standard required by our principle. We strongly believe that our commitment of fulfillment to your requirements undoubtedly would prosper goodwill on mutual benefit.


  • To provide quality and reliable services to our customers.
  • To remain forever committed to excellence.
  • To explorer and discover new business horizons.
  • To unabatedly provide for our people adequate opportunities for professional growth.
  • To achieve each “end” tempered by “quality means”. To make constructive contributions to the society at large.
  • To allot facility for officers and crews


We believe in Trust & Openness in our dealings. We believe in respecting the dignity of individuals. We believe in continuously improving upon our own branch marks. We believe dedicated to customer driven quality, constantly striving to improve our process and services guided by the changing needs of the customers


First Class service, protection of the environment, innovation thinking, ambition and high energy levels are the qualities that will see us through the challenges in the years to come